Don’t wait for change, make it happen!

Looking back on 2016, I can say, it was filled with challenges! After ending the year with the feeling of just being glad it’s nearly over, my attitude in 2017,  has been replaced with optimism and a renewed sense of joy of life.  I couldn’t wait to see what the year, 2017, was going to offer me. Well, I waited – week one – week two – nothing… and then it hit me. 2017 offered me the opportunity to start fresh and leave the baggage of 2016 behind BUT I had to get in the game and make things happen. I couldn’t wait for great change to come to me. So I’m making all kinds of positive changes, one at a time.

You’ll see a new name in my business.  Updating the About Face name to wBailey Skincare. Celebrating that it’s my business and nothing makes you work harder than your name attached to it. It kind of gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Moreover, it makes you work harder to make sure your name is attached to quality.  Changes include a new facial treatment menu that is easier to choose from. Basically, you can choose a treatment to work on whatever your needs are such as Rosacea, Acne, age spots and more. Or you can choose to just relax in luxury and get better skin with more emphasis on relaxing.

The addition of wBailey Skincare replaces About Face Skin Care. It has an updated


wBailey Skincare Firm and Restore

look that really showcases the updated ingredients. Just one smell and you’ll know it’s made of botanicals with no synthetic ingredients! Just one feel, on your skin and you’ll see it works to improve your skin. The reduction of fine line & wrinkles, lightening of dark spots, improved pore size and more is waiting for you.


While I’m still carrying my favorites Skin Script and Hale & Hush, wBailey Skincare is a great addition for those that want the touch of luxury in their skincare.

So wBailey Skin Therapy is your facial, wBailey Skincare is for your skincare needs and wBailey Designs is for your lifestyle needs. wBailey Designs for interior and exterior designs for home and office.

Take some time to make things happen for you this year!  Sometimes it’s as simple as a new name or maybe you need an overhaul like I did. From day one of making the change, you’ll see a difference. Please feel free to email me at or anytime for questions or to set up a consultation for any of my services or just to chat!   wBailey Skincare