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Skinformation Skin Cancer Awareness Month

During May, encourage everyone you know to get a skin check up. It could just save their life.


I am frequently asked by readers  ‘If I am being careful with my money, where should I spend the most in my routine?’ The answer is always, always serums. The rise of serums… Continue reading

My esthetician tries to sell me products

First I should define “esthetician”, only because when I tell someone what I do for a living they typically ask “what’s an esthetician? I thnk it’s best described as a skin-care therapist. Now,… Continue reading

Avoiding Wrinkles

Wrinkles are likely the number one thing I get asked about daily- how to avoid getting them? We are all going to get them in the end but there are some key things… Continue reading

do you really know your skin type?

How many times have you read about different skin types without actually stopping to consider what yours is? Do you plan your skincare regimen based on your specific type? It’s easy to purchase… Continue reading

Why do I need a facial?

Never had a facial before? Are you itching to book an appointment but holding back because you don’t know what to expect? Stick with me, I’ll help you out. This facial 411 guide… Continue reading

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