Amazon saves $ on my face products

Well, not so fast. In this, billion dollar beauty industry the choices are vast on where to purchase your skincare. Everyone loves a bargain don’t they? Rarely does a day go by that I don’t hear a client, friend or passing conversation (evesdropping) say that you can get that cheaper on Amazon.  While this is true for many things, it’s not always true for beauty products.  While there are various ways to purchase on Amazon, the most risky is from a third party vendor. An estimated 40% of sellers on Amazon are this type per Michael Sacca of Bandisty and Benchwarmer.  images

What does this mean to you? Simply that what you think you are ordering is not necessarily what you are getting and that is a recipe for disaster when you are talking about your skin. Say you order a great facial moisturizer that saves you $10 than if you purchased it from your local esthetician. You are so excited to see that famous packing laying on your doorstep when you get home. Racing to unwrap your treasure you find the product packaging is a slightly different color but otherwise looks “good enough”. You hastily open you jar only to smell that the odor, color, and texture is nothing like your beloved facial moisturizer. You try it on your skin and your sadness is only reinforced when you realize it’s not the same product at all. You are lucky; how you ask? Well, at least, you got a cut rate/third party moisturizer that does little to hydrate you but is nothing more that lard mixed with Lavender essential oil.  Again why are you lucky? Many people have used these cut rate product with disastrous results such as skin peeling, bacteria, flesh-eating enzymes and more.

Unfortunately, you are not covered by Amazon’s money-back protection because you purchased it from a third party and accepted the rules when you clicked the “accept” button. Now you just lost all your money, have no product to show for it and can’t afford to go purchase a new, professional product that you should have purchased in the first place.

Next time do yourself a favor and purchase your products from a reputable esthetician in your local area. Not only will you get professional products, you will also get the expertise of the facialist who will recommend the correct products for you.  Don’t forget to book your facial while you are there and support a local business in  your area. William Bailey  me at About Face in San Antonio will be happy to refer you to a local esthetician in your area if you need help or if you are local then stop by for a free skin analysis and talk about products or skin care any time. #skincaresanantonio #facialssanantonio #mensskincare #Facialproducts #cheapfacialproducts #amazonfacial products